Why choose OpenLX Linux?


Affordable, Friendly, Virus-free, Easy to install.
While the large players are afraid of the desktop, OpenLX has given a successful Desktop on Linux with complete compatibility to your existing doc, xls and ppt formats (thanks to LibreOffice) . And, with KalCULATE, it has completed the Business Desktop, specially for the SME user. Includes operating system, office suite, email, internet browser, financial accounting, inventory management and many more software applications needed for your business. OpenLX have preconfigured distributions targeted to meet specific user requirements.
Easy to use.
Easy & Interactive GUI interface , with little or no learning required for most of the software included.
No viruses.
You do not need anti-virus even for opening and using virus infected MS Office files.

It is secured, stable and no licensing fee. Includes accounting package KalCulate (60 days edition).

OpenLX Edge Desktop comes in a single CD and is designed for the average computer user, not Linux experts. It is perfect for web browsing, email, instant messaging, CD/DVD playback and it comes with a complete office suite!. Take a tour.
OpenLX Edge Power contains everything you expect in a full blown Linux system. It is freely downloadable as single DVD or six CD.Get detail list of software here.
OpenLX Enterprise Server is meant for mission critical systems containing packages that has been tested for stability and security.Get detail list of software here.