Our Vision


In this world of violent monopolies that survive by constantly attacking the right to life for a majority of population, Linux comes out as a Humanist action that helps reclaim the freedom for the world.

Linux, grown based on the voluntary effort of common people (with very limited resources), is an example of action-oriented-people, who, instead of lecturing other on "what to do" and "how to do" etc., have gone ahead and actually created a platform that is much ahead of even the best (Unix) of the breed and, today, the world is migrating on this platform, in-spite of the everyday violent action by the monopolies.

Linux is the power of Non-violence in the field of information technology and we intend not only to further it, but also take this message to the whole of humanity to the extent that we can reach +1 person. Like to be with us - you are welcome, without any discrimination and/or prejudices - just begin using Linux...........